About company

The ECOTEX Poland Sp. z o. o. company is a one of the biggest of companies which absorbing of second - hand clothes at the same time the biggest the original importer.

We are privately - owned Polish - Germany company which functioned for 20 years on European market of line of business of second-hand clothes.

Thanks to be In touch witch All Europe and experience of commercial we are winning only clothes the premium quality.

The quality of receive goods is continuously to monitoring through In the presence of our manual worker.

We are organizing owns collections In the richest regions and german towns, where we are to gathering clothes of the premium quality.

We are having also put out over 2000 containers In the highest towns of Ruhrgebiet:
- Essen,
- Bochum,
- Dortmund,
- Köln,
- Dusseldorf,
- Wuppertal,
and Berlin.

Fundamental is regular and personal to be In touch with supplier and receiver.

The process of gather, pack, transport and distribution is to take place don't agents and under the ours workers from Poland supervision.

The import to take placing only our cars.

The company besides sale to make also purchase of second-hand clothes,so-called sorted waste. We are interesting in all quality of waste sweaters, wool and cotton preferably to ironed in bale about 200kg.

Trust our clients we earned thanks to solidarity, regular of delivery, opportunity of goods quality before pay in our company place or from client and thanks to we aren't to possessing own retail sell, that is fundamental getting information particularly to our new clients.

Our motto is premium quality at reasonable cost.

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